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Touches of Halloween

This has been a weird holiday season for me since stepping into blogland. I feel like I am on a huge learning curve sometimes, thank goodness for Jenna! One huge thing I never really thought about is that holiday decorating begins EARLY in the blogesphere and all of the sudden I felt this huge rush to decorate for fall before it was “too late” . In my normal pre-blog world I would decorate for Halloween the last week of September and never really do fall. Since fallifying my home this year though I don’t want to take it down! So Halloween has taken a back seat but I had to pull out at least a few of my favorite things this year.

I feel like sometimes Halloween decor can get a little cheesy but you can never go wrong with black and white…Classy right?

DSC_0096 (3)

One of my favorite “new” items is this candy corn wreath we made for our first Collected House Craft Night. I love that it is neutral enough that I can keep it up all fall! This whole little sitting area I really love. This is kind of an awkward wall in my home but this fills is up perfectly! We originally saw the idea for the candy corn wreath Here but we assembled it a little differently.



One day I would love to have a fireplace mantle to decorate, but for now the top of my piano will suffice. I have had the lacy, spiderweb table cloth for years and LOVE it! I love the whimsy of it. My boys are not so sure of the skull haha they keep asking why I have a monster?! Being the RN that I am, I tried to explain it’s just bones and that’s how all of our heads look underneath our skin. Yeaaaahhh a little to early for that conversation…Needless to say they were more than a little terrified!



I love changing up my antique buffet for holidays. It is the perfect backdrop for every season!
DSC_0077Thanks for stopping by,  hope you all have a very happy Halloween!