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Buffalo Check Wall


neutral fall home tourAs some of you may have seen on Instagram, I recently painted a buffalo check wall in my hallway. I knew when we very first looked at this home that this wall needed something special. I had a completely different idea of what i wanted to create in this space but due to lack of funds and a husband that was not on board with my original plan (lame) I decided to try a quick fix until we could do what we really wanted to do here. Little did i know, I would LOVE it and not want to change it. EVER. I originally saw THIS treatment done by Holly Mathis in a gorgeous home she helped design. We love Holly. Everything she touches is gold. So after seeing her gorgeous room I pulled out my trusty Pinterest to look for tutorials and only found a couple. I mostly followed this one done by Southern Living but i’m going to share with you a few things i found helpful.


-latex paint (you’ll need a base color and a color for your stripes)

-acrylic glaze (found normally in a can in the paint section at your hardware store)

-something to mix your paint and glaze in

-foam roller

-painters tape (i tried frog tape for the first time and it worked great)

  1. First you need to figure out how big you want your stripes to be. I wanted mine on a fairly large scale. Around 12″ is what I had in mind. If at all possible you want your horizontal lines to divide evenly into the height of your wall. Example: If my wall was 96″ tall and I wanted my stripes 12″ then 96 divided by 12 would give me 8 evenly spaced 12″ stripes. Of course my wall was not an easily divisible number so my stripes ended up being 11 3/4″. Your vertical stripes will be the same width. It may help to draw it out on paper if it doesn’t make sense in your head.
  2. So now i know my measurements. Decide what you want you base color to be. Then paint your whole wall that color. I used Benjamin Moore Snowfall white.
  3. Now the fun part! Once your wall is completely dry, Tape off your horizontal stripes. I was lazy and used my husbands eyes instead of a level to get them straight. I measured each side of the wall and put a little pencil mark where each stripe should be then put the tape on one end and pulled it over to my other mark. If any thing looked a little off we just moved it a bit. Very technical, I Know 🙂 This worked well for me but if you are in doubt, use a level! 
  4. To make sure my lines were crisp, I went back and painted my base color over the edges of the tape lines to seal it and make sure nothing leaked. I put little pieces of tape on every other stripe so I would remember to leave those white.
  5. Now you get to mix your paint! I used latex paint with an eggshell sheen. I wanted it to be subtle so I used the same color I have throughout my home which is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter lightened 50%.  I believe any latex paint will do the trick. Mix one part paint to two parts glaze. The glaze is just a clear/ milkyish looking stuff. It’s found normally in a can by the paint section. Once this is mixed, roll it on every other stripe. Use a paint roller, NOT a paint brush. I tried brushing on in some spots and because of the glaze, it made it all splotchy. So make sure to JUST roll it. Try to go over it as evenly as possible and only do 1-2 coats. Be sure if you did 2 coats on one stripe to do two coats on all the stripes. The more coats you do, the darker it’ll be. It WILL look kind of splotchy. DON’T GIVE UP at this point!!!! I thought it looked terrible and almost painted over it, but just wait.
  6. Now pull the tape, you don’t have to wait till it dries to do this.Buffalo check wall
  7. I let the horizontal stripes dry overnight but you could probably do it sooner. You just want to make sure its completely dry. Now tape you vertical lines the same way. Since i couldn’t seal these tape lines with the white paint I just used frog tape and pressed REALLY hard to make sure I didn’t have any leakage. You could also use the clear glaze to seal the tape but the frog tape worked just fine. buffalo check wall 2
  8. Now paint your vertical stripes. Once again, It’s supposed to look sort of transparent. Do NOT feel like you have to keep rolling coats on because it will ruin the effect of it being darker where they overlap.
  9. Pull the tape and your done! Buffalo check wall1neutral fall home tour

I love the visual interest this wall adds. I also noticed I have a thing for  buffalo check. It’s ALL over my house. I may need an intervention. Ever since creating this I’ve been dreaming all sorts of colorful buffalo check walls. Jenna’s house is next!!

Copper Wire Pumpkins

Have you guys heard?! We were published!! Okay so it was online and not in print so I’m not sure if that technically counts, but we were pretty darn excited about it! We were thrilled to be approached by Ashley at Little Glass Jar early this fall to create a fun fall tutorial. Ashley is the editor of the Ready, Set, DYI column in the fabulous new magazine Everything Home. This magazine is UH-mazing! We loved reading every page. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to! You can find our tutorial we created HERE.

Over here at The Collected House, we LOVE pumpkins. The more character (AKA: lopsided, bumps, discolorations etc.) the better. So naturally we decided on pumpkins for our tutorial.  We loved how easy these copper wire pumpkins were to create and how unique they are. They lend themselves to so much creativity which is another reason we love them! You can make them short, tall, fat, skinny, and in any color! We chose to use copper but you could use any type of wire or even paint them! Here are a few more of our favorites.

This is one of my personal favorites. It was made by wrapping the wire around a water bottle. This one has the most loops for a fuller look.copper pumpkins 7

This was from the same water bottle but then we flattened the sides.

Copper Pumpkins 5

This one was made by wrapping the wire vertically around a jar of peanut butter. It has flatter sides for a taller appearance.

Copper Pumpkins 8

#3Copper Pumpkins 9


We had so much fun experimenting with different gauges of wire and different shapes. We would love to see what other people come up with. Be sure to tag us if you decide to make some!


DIY Concrete Floors

Today I thought I would share some info on our freshly poured stained concrete floors we did throughout all the common areas of our home.

Concrete Floors - 1

This was quite the labor of love, I think it probably requires a medium amount of DIY skill, and determination to complete… but totally worth the money you save! I lost track of all the receipts, but I think it ended up costing about $1 a square foot doing it all ourselves.

The first thing we did was watch a lot of YouTube. This particular set of videos we found really helpful. We ordered this set of Concrete Tools from Amazon and picked up the rest of the supplies at Lowe’s.

We previously had laminate floors, so they came up relatively easy.  We put plastic protective sheeting all over the walls to protect from spatter and other nonsense.

We didn’t need to repair our foundation before we laid the concrete, because it is self leveling so it filled in the minor cracks, and fixed our uneven concrete foundation pretty well on it’s own.  You need to mop + vacuum your floor to make it AS CLEAN as possible before you lay your concrete. We applied a bonding agent that we picked up from Lowe’s and let it dry before we started pouring concrete. It can be found in the flooring section of your local Lowe’s.

TCH- Concrete Floors

Following the video tutorials, we mixed, poured, and raked the concrete. You have to work really fast at this step, and have multiple pairs of hands helping. I was in charge of mixing, and my husband did the pouring. The key we found is that you really need to roll over them A LOT with the spiked metal roller to get all the air bubbles out. Here is our floors freshly poured.

TCH- Concrete Floors


It takes about 12 hours for it to be able to walk on, we went to the mountains with Rylen’s family while it dried. That worked out nicely.

TCH- Concrete Floors


When we got home the following night they had dried a pretty dark grey, we noticed that some parts bubbled where we didn’t roll out the air bubbles enough. I’m not super worried about it, but my husband is scheming how to fix them. I think concrete floors are okay if you aren’t a perfectionist, if you are, doing them yourself might drive you crazy. I kinda like the personality.

I stained them a solid coat cement stain we picked up at Sherwin Williams. You can literally pick any paint color, and have the concrete stain tinted… which I thought was pretty cool. Then we sealed it with sealer also purchased at Sherwin Williams.

TCH- Concrete Floors

Overall, I am really happy with the results. It is durable, and really easy to clean as well as sanitize which is great for little kids!

Concrete Floors - 2Concrete Floors - 1 (1)